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The Bloomfield Avenue/Lower Broadway Alliance (BALBA) is the designated District Management Corporation of the Bloomfield Avenue/Lower Broadway Business Improvement District. The BALBA BID was established in 2017 by way of ordinance, to serve as a catalyst for economic development throughout the Bloomfield Avenue/Lower Broadway Commercial Corridor. The mission and program objectives for BALBA are focused on high-impact, physical improvements that provide value to property owners/business owners and help to preserve the investments that have been made by both public and private stakeholders.

Since 2017, BALBA has had the pleasure of supporting the success of our district through an array of services. From supplemental sanitation to holiday programming and capital planning, BALBA supports its business and property owners through maintaining a safe and clean business district, and promoting a unique sense of place. BALBA promotes the economic revitalization and welfare of the Bloomfield Avenue/Lower Broadway Business Improvement District and the City of Newark. We are devoted to promoting and preserving the cultural, historic, tourist and civic interests of the district.

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what we do

The Bloomfield Avenue/lower broadway alliance (balba) provides our local community, business and property owners with a wide range of services to support quality of life and economic prosperity.

Placemaking & Beautification

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BALBA Banner Art Contest

We were thrilled to host the Bloomfield Avenue/Lower Broadway Alliance Banner Art Contest winners Friday, October 20th, 2023! 🏆

A prominent intersection for vehicular and pedestrian traffic in Newark, Bloomfield Avenue and N. 8th Street is home to St. Francis Church, Newark Schools Stadium, Calabro Square and two active bus stops. This project procured artwork from Newark artists that promotes traffic and pedestrian safety–to be displayed on street pole banners at and around the intersection🚦🚸

THANK YOU to Prudential Financial for the Community Grant that provided the funds to make this project possible and a special thank you to Councilman Anibal Ramos for his support.

1st Place -Jacqueline Ortiz 2nd Place – Jasmine White 3rd Place – Gabriel Ribeiro
4th Place – Melissa Marshall 5th Place – Pedro Mieles
Swipe through or click to enlarge the winning artworks. Keep an eye out for the banners in the next few weeks!
Photography by: German Rafalovich